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DOM events on input type=date and type=time

Do you know these days where you want to stop doing frontend coding and do something simple instead like driver programming in Assembler? Today is such a day. And like every other day in the past it is a different implementation of the DOM.

For many user interactions you need the user to provide a date or time. And there where a lot of more less good working datepicker. But with rise of mobile it became obvious that a little popup box – with at least 35 little links in it – could be done better.

Boostrap date picker

And there it was: the promise of HTML5 inputs for date and time. And finally they shipped first in Chrome, then iOS and now in Android 4.4 (Kitkat). And they looked good and reasonable.

Android date picker

iOS date picker

But it seems somebody forgot to specify when the events will fire. On mobile devices you have a slideup or a modal dialog. And part of this dialog is a little ‘done’ button.

Guess when the change event and when the blur event will be fired?

Regardless what you guessed, you’re wrong.

Chrome on Android behaves like the datepicker is a closed component:

  • If you change the date and THEN press the ‘done’ button change will fire.
  • But the input still has focus and so focusout and blur will fire after you touched something else

Safari on iOS does the opposite:

  • As soon as you change one of the THREE wheels a change event will fire.
  • As soon as you press the ‘done’ button the input looses focus and blur and focusout fire

I prepared a little demo site where the events will become green after they fired.

Ironically with selects on iOS that uses also this wheel interface change fires after pressing the ‘done’ button.

So for now I have no other idea than sniffing the user agent. Welcome back to 2002!